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Registration for any SoMar Drummers, Incorporated event constitutes your acknowledgment, consent and agreement with Registration, Payment, Terms & Conditions and Camp or Event Cancellations outlined below:


Event Registration and Payments:

  • All rates are per person.  

  • Information herein is applicable to each event sponsored or hosted by SoMar Drummers, Inc., henceforth referred to as SoMarInc.

  • Specifically for the 3A Mid Atlantic Drum Camp (MADC), if approved to attend, a $250.00 deposit is due by May 15, 2023 to reserve your space. 

  • Tuition balance payments for the 3A-MADC are due June 15, 2023.  Postmarks will be accepted if received after that date. 

  • If payments are not received by the MADC deadlines indicated, SoMarInc Inc reserves the right to release your place in the camp to another student.  

  • No refunds will be issued after you arrive & sign in at the camp. 

  • No partial refunds will be issued for camp activities missed.

  • There is no refund for cancellations received after July 1, 2023 and no credit will be issued.

  • Registrations submitted for SoMar Inc events are considered a "Request to attend"


TERMS & CONDITIONS - please read carefully

Once your submit your request to attend any SoMar Drummers Inc. camp or event, the following terms apply:

  • Due to the nature of our events and current world conditions, (virus, lockdown, pandemic, etc)  SoMarInc strongly suggests purchasing travel insurance for air travel to any camp or event.

  • Special Guests and / or curriculum schedule is subject to change: SoMarInc reserves the right to offer qualified substitute artist and educators, at our discretion, in the event of the inability of an artists to attend due to circumstances such as an emergency, illness, etc. If any such changes are made, SoMarInc will make reasonable efforts to notify registrants by email and post a website update with the most up-to-date information. Attendees are still responsible for the full amount of their registration fee.

  • SoMarInc reserves the right to disapprove a student's registration at any of our events including: Showcases, Camps, Clinics, MasterClasses, Lessons, Performances, the MADC, etc. provided by SoMarInc. MADC Artists & Educators will evaluate each students event registration and collectively determine if the student is approved to attend.  Students may not be approved for attendance at an event based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:  demonstrating little or no interest during teaching or instruction at a previous SoMarInc, Event / MADC including distractions such as spending portions of the learning period on a phone (internet), tablet, kindle, computer, etc., conflict with an artist, staff member or a student, lack of improvement from a previous or similar event, and/or in the case the event/camp has reached capacity, is overbooked or to allow new students an opportunity to attend. All such conditions are applied to our event registration approval process. By submitting your registration for a SoMarInc event, you acknowledge, accept and agree with the final attendance decision made by SoMarInc Staff, Artists and/or Educators without further explanation or action. Notification of approval / disapproval will be sent to the student's registration email(s) within 15-days of the receipt of the student's registration. 

  • Events provided by SoMarInc: students, artists and staff must also comply with our Code of Conduct: We do not permit disruptive, dangerous, illegal, intolerant or discriminatory behavior.  Showcase songs must not contain verbiage determined by SoMarInc to be inappropriate for the public. Due to mechanical or human error conditions out of our control, Showcase Performance videos are not guaranteed

  • Students will also show mutual respect at any SoMarInc event to each other as well as courtesy and respect for the artists / educators, chaperones, nurse and event staff.  Students will participate in all sessions, clinics, master classes or educational event and will not be active on their personal phone, tablet or other devices, during the instruction. Permission to record video or audio will be announced at the beginning of sessions, clinics, master classes, etc. Students, parentsartists and staff will respect the property, gear and equipment of event facilities, and any gear and equipment provided for the event.  SoMarInc reserves the right to dismiss an artist, staff member, student or parent from any event if their behavior is not compliant with this code of conduct, or if their conduct proves distracting to others in attendance. 


Event Cancellation: 

SoMar Drummers, Inc reserves the right to cancel the event at any time at our discretion. In the unlikely event a camp is canceled, all fees collected by SoMar Drummers, Inc will be reimbursed by check. SoMarInc is not responsible for reimbursing travel fees, fees for accommodations not provided by SoMarInc, or other expenses. If you are flying in from out of state, we recommend you purchase travel insurance.


  • Mid Atlantic Drum Camp (MADC): All special guests and camp curriculum are subject to change. Full payment cancellations for the MADC must be requested at least 45-days (June 1, 2023) prior to the start of the camp to receive a refund (NOTE: the $250 deposit is non-refundable and will be subtracted from the camp refund) Transfer of a deposit or full tuition from one registered student to a non-registered student must be coordinated with SoMarDrummers, Inc., no later than 15-days before the start of the MADC      (July 1, 2023) prior to the start of camp. No camp refunds or future credit will be issued after the camp starts, Sunday July 16 at 1:30pm)  If a student leaves the camp early, any unused days are non-refundable. 

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