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JULY 14-18, 2024

Drummers age 9-22    


What's the price & what's included?  2024 Camp Price is $650 * Includes room, meals, wi-fi, Group instruction, Clinics, Gear Sessions and Master Classes, drum swag, snacks, beverages & more. * If you need a Rental Kit add $75 and indicate on the Registration Form.

The Mid Atlantic Drum Camp is a drum set camp.  If you are looking for instruction in Latin, Concert or Marching percussion, we hold clinics & day-camp events in those specialties throughout the year.

Where is the Camp located?  St. Mary's College of Maryland, St. Mary's City, Maryland.  

Do I need to read music?  NO 

Do I need to bring a Drum Set?   YES   ( * We have a limited number of rental kits for an additional $75 - they will go fast!)

Who is teaching at the 2024 camp?   Matt Garstka, Thomas Pridgen, Willie Howell

Why ages 9-22?  This camp a unique opportunity for the next generation of drummers to increase their knowledge, skills & capabilities on the kit while learning from and working with the best drummers in the world. 


1) What should I expect at the camp?  Great drum swag, new concepts, ideas, exercises, how to apply methods into your drumming, newest drum gear, jam session opportunities every night - and great food & snacks. 

2) I live near the college, can I commute?   YES

Same price for overnight or commuter - all meals are included for commuters.  


NOTE:  Whether you select Commuter or Overnight on the registration a request to change overnight or commuter status pay an administration fee of $100. Requests for change of status will not be considered after June 15, 2024.  Local parents are not permitted to "bunk overnight" with their student.

3) What are the accommodations?  Overnight students are roomed with another student in air conditioned, key access dorm rooms with free Wi-Fi.  Parent chaperons will be in the dorms overnight for safety and assistance.

Students and Parent Chaperones  bring bedding for a TWIN XL bed (a sleeping bag & pillow are sufficient)


4) Is there a nurse available?  A full time Nurse is in the camp and available at all times.  If a student is bringing medication - including over the counter - they can be given to the Nurse at Check In if not self-medicating.

5)  Chaperone spots are available for parents of students attending the camp in residence. Parent Chaperones are charged for room & board only.  

6) What drums do I bring?  Students should bring a 4 or 5-piece kit including: drum rug, snare & stand, bass drum & pedal, rack tom(s), 1-floor tom, ride & stand, 1-crash & stand, throne & sticks.  Additional cymbals, double kick pedals, foot aux pedal, stacks, latin percussion are permitted.

7) Rental Kits We have a limited number rental kits for an additional fee of $75.  It is highly recommended you bring your own drums if you are diving to the camp. Rental kits will only be assigned to students arriving by air. 

8)  How do I register for the camp?   REGISTRATION OPENS FEBRUARY 1, 2024

9) What are the skill Groups? How am I assigned to a group?  Students are assembled in small groups to help the Artists ensure the progress of each student. Once a student's camp registration is approved (See Terms & Conditions)  send a video of yourself playing your best groove in each of the genre's listed in #10. 

10)  VIDEO ASSESSMENT  Students email a video or video link of themselves playing 4-8 measures of your best drum groove in all 11-styles listed below. Play the grooves in the order below and it's ok to skip any groove you don't know yet.  OPTION:  "Song Style" students can select a few grooves and demonstrate how you would play them as if in a song as you would in a song, using verse / chorus / bridge / etc)  For "song-style" grooves, transitions from verse to chorus, etc., are encouraged. BUT please limit your song-style grooves to 20-32 measures.

EMAIL you video - or video - link to no later than June 14, 2024.

 ➤ Record the grooves in order, any tempo or variation and announce the name of the groove or include a text box.

Hip Hop or GoGo

Rock or Metal



Odd Time

World Rhythm (ExLatin, Brazilian, Caribbean, Africa, Indian, etc)



Half Time Shuffle


"Sound of Muzak"  by Porcupine Tree • 7/4 Intro Section only 

"Cissy Strut"    by The Meters • Intro groove only  (This groove is Optional)

Rudiments snare drum only:  Inverted Paradiddle, Double Paradiddle, Swiss Army Triplet

    ► Skip any groove or rudiment you don't know yet - play the grooves you know & have fun!


12) Who assigns students to a skill group? Artists & Educators of the Mid Atlantic Drum Camp will view each video & collectively assign students to a Group commensurate with the skills you demonstrate in your video. Students may be moved to a different Group once camp begins. 

      Questions? Send us an email ➤




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