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JULY 16-20, 2023

Drummers age 9-22 years old   


What's the price & what's included? Price is $625 Includes room, meals, Group instruction, Clinics, Gear Sessions and Master Classes.  We have 2 discount options at registration: a) returning 2022 Camp students   b) early registration. 

Where is the Camp located?  St. Mary's College of Maryland, St. Mary's City Maryland.  

Do I need to be able to read music?  NO 

Do I need to bring a Drum Set?  YES.  We have LIMITED number of rental kits for an additional $75.

Details below.

Who is teaching at the 2023 camp?   Click HERE 

Why ages 9-22?  This camp a unique opportunity for young drummers, beginner to advanced, to learn from the greatest drummers in the world in a hands on / mentorship setting. 


1) What should I expect at the camp?  Live with, work with and learn grooves, fills & concepts from top professional drummers. Jam session opportunities every night - plus great food & snacks. 

2) I live near the college, can I commute?   YES

Same price for overnight or commuter - all meals are included for commuters.  

3) What are the accommodations?  Overnight students are roomed with another student in air conditioned, key access dorm rooms, with free Wi-Fi.  Parent chaperons will be in the dorms overnight for safety and assistance. Students and chaperones need to bring bedding for a twin size bed (sleeping bag & pillow are good)


4) Is there a nurse available?  A certified, registered Nurse is in the camp 24-hours a day.  If a student is bringing medication - including over the counter - they will be given to the Nurse at Check In.

5) What drums do I bring?  Students must bring a 4-piece kit consisting of: drum rug, snare & stand, bass drum & pedal, 1-small tom, 1-floor tom, ride & stand, 1-crash & stand, throne & sticks. Due to limited space, do not bring additional drums. Double kick pedals, small cymbals, stacks & percussion instruments (cowbell, jamblock), are optional.

6) Rental Kits We have a limited number of rental kits for an additional $75. Select "Rental kit" option in the registration.  

7)  How do I register for the camp?  ONLINE REGISTRATION OPENS MARCH 2023

            Check back for early registration discount! 

8) How many skill groups are there?  We are planning for 4-skill groups, ranging from beginner to advanced.

If needed, a 5th skill group may be added.

9) How am I assigned to a group?  Once a student's camp registration is approved (See Terms & Conditions) Artists & Educators will assign students to a Group based on their Assessment Video (see item 10)


10)  VIDEO ASSESSMENT Once your registration is approved, students must send a video, or video link, of themselves playing their best drum groove to each of the 11-music styles listed below. Play the grooves in order, any speed or variation using this "4x4x4" Song format: Verse 4-bars / transition / Chorus: 4-bars / transition / Verse: 4-bars, stop. *  beginner students are NOT required to submit a video

                Sample VIDEO  Song format sample video will be sent by email after your approved registration.

* Students are encouraged to include a video link of themselves playing drums with a band, in a performance setting, etc, Please add the link in the email with your Video Assessment.


Rock or Metal 





Latin, Brazilian or Caribbean (Select one of the following or similar: Salsa, Marengue, Cha Cha, Tango, Soca, Songo, Cascara, Reggaeton, Bachata, Nanigo / Afro Cuban 6/8, etc)

Odd Time


Train Beat

Up Tempo Swing


OPTIONAL: "50-Ways to Leave Your Lover"   DO NOT play in Song Format. Intro section only, 4-measures in 4/4

Rudiments snare drum only: Double Paradiddle, 6-Stroke Roll (any variation)

       ► It's ok to skip any groove or rudiment you don't know - do your best and have fun.

12) Who assigns students to a skill group? All Artists & Educators of the 3rd Annual Mid Atlantic Drum Camp will view each video and assign each student to the appropriate Skill Group.  NOTE: any student can be moved to a different Group once camp begins. 

      Questions? Send us an email ➤




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