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Introducing  Latin Percussion  Clinician 

BARBARO CRESPO aka "Machito"

Machito foto 3.jpg

Barbaro Crespo, aka "Machito" also known under his artistic pseudonym "La Clave de Barrio", is our Opening Clinician at our First Annual Latin Percussion Clinic March 13, 2022. Machito joins us virtually from Poland via online master class.

Machito is a courageous explorer and an original creator distinguished by his own musical language and master percussion skills.

In his over 15-year career, Machito participated in numerous festivals, performed in theatres and television, and in major events On Cuba and abroad including Germany, France, England, USA, Congo, Poland and more.

Since 2013 he is associated with the most popular rumba group in Cuba ‘Adonis y Osain del Monte’. From 2017 and 2020 he participated in the Franco-Cuban afro-jazz musical project ‘¿Que vola?’.

Currently, Machito is also developing his own musical projects, cooperating with various artists in Europe. In addition to performing on international stages, Machito conducts individual lessons and master classes in traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms, sharing his vast knowledge about roots and history of the Cuban rumba. His students come from all over the world to learn from this master of percussion.

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