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May 2021 we held our First Drum Set Showcase Competition for drummers age 11-17.  We put the drummers under "Lights & Mics"  to give them an opportunity to see what it's like performing on the stage - before a judging panel of 3- professional drummers. Each student played their own creative drum grooves, fills and chop to songs by artists such Don Ellis, The Commodores, Tito Puente and more.  Go to Events for more get information on the 2022 Competition.

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SoMar Drummers are the co-hosts for the  Leonardtown First Friday Drum Circle organized by the St. Mary's County Arts Council.   Each month folks join in the music fun playing on drums and all kinds of percussion.   Sometimes people join us in the jam playing on pots, pans, buckets and the back of chairs!  This fun-drum is for ALL AGES and - don't worry -  you can't make a mistake because we'll just make a beat out of everything!


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