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Sheila Klotz


Alton Clark

Hip Hop Artist

Musical Prodigy

Chris Rush

Army Band Commander (Retired) Chief Warrant Officer Sheila M. Klotz began her music career at 10-years old when she picked up a pair of drumsticks, and hasn’t set them down since!

Sheila’s time in the military afforded her countless performance, clinic, masterclass and lecture opportunities throughout the nation and abroad.

Under Sheila’s guidance, SoMar Drummers, Inc's growth over the last 4-years went from a small drum circle and a few clinics to a weeklong drumset camp in 2019, DrumSet Showcase Competition, 2-Day Clinics, andIn July 2021, a week-long, overnight DrumSet Camp with guest drumset instructors from across the nation.

Her specialties: Rudimental / Drumline, DrumSet (Independence, Poly's, permutations, groupings and more...) Mallet Percussion, beginner to Intermediate Latin Percussion.

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