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About our Logo

"The Heartbeat of Southern Maryland"

The unique SoMarDrummers logo prioritizes the  location and comprehensive product we offer to students of all ages.  The "S" stands for Southern Maryland and the "D'" represents half a cymbal and part of a sound wave. This combination represents the diversity of our instruction - across the entire percussion instrument spectrum.  We not only serve percussionists & drummers in Southern Maryland, we also bring national talent to the area as a way to invigorate creativity and the endless possibilities in the art of music.

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SoMar Drummers, Inc's growth over the years progressed from a small drum circle and a few clinics to the Annual Mid Atlantic Drum Camp. Throughout the year we host clinics inMarching, Latin, Drum Set and Classical Percussion.  Each spring young drummers from across the region gather in Downtown Leonardtown to showcase their hard work and practice, playing their own drum beats to their favorite song - on the stage in front of a live audience.  We bring the best professional drummers in the world to Southern Maryland to work side by side, in a teacher / mentor setting to inspire and help "Propel the Art of Drumming" into the next generation.

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